Scott Burgess
  • Legislative Administrator, 2008-2012.

About Scott Burgess

Scott Burgess describes his first few months on the job as Legislative Administrator as “drinking through a fire hose.”

One of the key tasks of that job was taking care of the Capitol Building. In 2008, the restoration of the Capitol’s office wings was underway and managing that project was more than enough work for Burgess. Yet only three months later the Capitol Building experienced a devastating fire. Burgess was in charge of that clean-up and restoration as well.

During his interview, Burgess gives a detailed account of the range of immediate and long term decisions that had to be made in the aftermath of the fire. He weaves together the painstaking processes of restoring original art and interior wood paneling damaged in the governor’s ceremonial office. He also details the search for replacement marble for the exterior of the building.

Burgess recounts the amazing experience of hosting 10,000 visitors at the Capitol in honor of Oregon’s 150th anniversary as a state in 2009. Throughout his oral history Scott Burgess conveys his love and respect for the building he was charged to care for.

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