• Oregon State Representative, 1957-1963.
  • Chief Clerk of the House, 1965-1982.

About Rep. Hunt

Winton Hunt grew up in Woodburn, and then attended the University of Oregon and Willamette Law School. He also served an an Army Major, participating in the WWII Normandy Invasion and the Battle of the Bulge, receiving the Bronze Star in 1944. 

A friend of Hunt’s father persuaded him to run for the legislature. When Hunt’s father died, he returned to Woodburn to work in the family insurance business. His father’s friend recommended him to run for the legislature, and put together the support for his campaign. Hunt himself only spent $100 of his own money to be elected. 

Hunt was elected Oregon State Representative 1957-1963. After being elected, he needed to familiarize himself with the legislative issues. He learned the most from business interests, farmers and his constituents bringing him their concerns. His interests included banking, insurance, agriculture and advantages for young people. He served on a variety of committees, including Military Affairs. 

After serving in the legislature, Hunt served as Oregon Chief Clerk of the House. Monte Montgomery, the Speaker of the House, asked him to work as the Chief Clerk for the 1965 session. Hunt organized and put together the rules and scripts for the legislative proceedings of the House. Hunt originally agreed to serve for the first week of the session, but instead became the longest serving temporary Chief Clerk in Oregon, lasting until 1982.

In his interview, Hunt notes the changes during his time at the Capitol, one being the salaries for legislators. He also shares his perspective on moving from a legislator to the Chief Clerk, and the relationships that the move affected. For anyone serving in the legislature, Hunt advises to “be honest, be fair, do the best that you can and be true to yourself”.

– Interview recorded October 11, 2006