Frankie Bell and Rep. Bob Repine visit the new Oregon Capitol Welcome Center


Your investment helps visitors learn about the shared history and heritage of Oregonians.

The new Oregon Capitol Welcome Center boasts digital touchscreens that allow Capitol visitors to immerse themselves in Oregon’s history and culture, heritage sites, the historic building and getting involved in our democracy. The self-guided experience sparks interest in visiting other parts of our state to learn more about what makes Oregonians unique. This exciting project is already winning awards. We hope you’ll visit to learn why.

A visit to our Capitol is just the beginning — that’s how why we call these programs and projects a “gateway.” Whether you are a history buff, a parent looking for family-friendly activities or you’re looking for a way to create positive change for Oregonians, you get a glimpse here and find out where you can go to learn even more.

Information in the Welcome Center is available in English and Spanish languages. We continue to add new programming recognizing and honoring the diverse culture, ethnicity and heritage of Oregonians. It’s important to see our shared history from different perspectives to understand the whole picture, understanding our past, and better navigate a rapidly changing world.

Thanks to Capitol Foundation’s donors, purchasers of Pacific Wonderland license plates and community partners for making the Capitol Foundation’s largest single investment to date possible.  Together, we are creating community connections and memorable experiences for all who visit our Capitol.

The free visitor experience is available to the public during normal business hours. Before your visit our Capitol, check the Oregon Legislature website for hours of operation. The building is currently impacted by CAMS construction.

“It’s thrilling to see this vision for the Welcome Center become a reality.”

Judy Hall

2021 Chair, Oregon State Capitol Foundation

Award-winning Capitol History Gateway programs, projects and visitor experiences are a collaborative effort of the Capitol Foundation, Capitol Visitor Services and community partners across the state. Your tax-deductible gifts to the Capitol Foundation empower Oregonians to become future leaders. YOU are the strength of our mission. Thank you.