Giving a voice to Oregonians at our Capitol


Get inspired by true stories about everyday people who strive to create a better future for all Oregonians.

Sharing our state’s diverse history and heritage from varying perspectives inspires Oregonians of all backgrounds to engage in their communities. As old barriers exist and new barriers emerge, helping individuals and groups understand how they can bring the voice of their unique community to our Capitol is important. Award-winning Capitol History Gateway Speaker Series presentations illustrate this. And they show how easy it is to get involved in state government to create change.

Capitol History Gateway speaker series presentations and annual cultural events enrich the Capitol experience and celebrate the diversity of all who live in our great state. Whether you are an educator, student, history buff or Capitol visitor, we invite you to come listen to get inspired by the everyday Oregonians – people like you and me – who overcame challenges and broke barriers to improve the quality of life all Oregonians enjoy.

Your purchase of Pacific Wonderland license plates and gifts to the Capitol Foundation help give Oregonians a voice at our Capitol. Together, we are creating a better, more representative future for all. Thank you!


Watch past Capitol Foundation Speaker Series presentations

With the current closure of the 1938 building for construction, in-person presentations at our Capitol are temporarily postponed. Until we gather at our Capitol again, you can use the links below to watch videos past Speaker Series presentations.

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