Capitol columns


Our former capitol’s Corinthian columns rise from the ashes.

Together with community partners, the Capitol Foundation helped raise funds to repair the Corinthian column monument displayed outside the Capitol in 2004. These historic columns originally graced the west and east entrance porticos of Oregon’s statehouse. Fire destroyed the building in 1935.

In 1980, Gov. Vic Atiyeh and his wife, Mrs. Dolores Atiyeh, promoted the idea of preserving the columns found in Mill Creek, near the Governor’s residence and on the State 4-H property. Mrs. Atiyeh worked with the Oregon Historical Properties Committee, Department of General Services’ employees and personnel and inmates from the Oregon State Penitentiary to design and construct a display of the segments.

Many citizens donated time, talent and materials to salvage and return the columns to their original location so Oregonians and visitors could enjoy a part of our state’s history.


Dolores Atiyeh was very happy to find these columns in the creek near their home they had to rent from the state of Oregon. She was very proud when she was able to get agreement to save them for historical display. She was very persistent with any project she was involved including feeding and entertaining all legislators in the rather small house. She had to do the entertaining in shifts.

— Gerry Thompson (Facebook, July 14, 2020)