Oral History Project

Capitol History Gateway, a project of the Oregon State Capitol Foundation

The Capitol Foundation adopted the oral histories project in January 2002, recognizing that it fully supported the Foundation’s mission of preserving history and celebrating contributions to state government. The objective of the oral histories project is to preserve some of Oregon’s most important stories for future generations. Click a name below to view an excerpt from the interview on YouTube.

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  • Victor Atiyeh
    Oregon Governor
    State Senator
    State Representative
  • Kathleen Beaufait
    Oregon State Deputy Legislative Counsel 1960-1967
    Oregon State Chief Deputy Legislative Counsel 1967-1994
  • Chuck Beggs
    Reporter 1966-2005
  • Maribel Cadmus
    Oregon Senate Staff
    Secretary of the Senate 1957-1987
  • Wallace P Carson
    Oregon Supreme Court
    State Senator
    State Representative
  • Jane Cease
    Oregon House of Representatives (19th District), 1979-1985
    Oregon Senate (10th District), 1985-1991
    Manager, DMV Branch, Oregon Department of Transportation, 1991-1996
    Manager, ODOT Growth Management Program, 1996-1998
  • Ron Cease
    Oregon House of Representatives (19th District), 1985-1991
    Oregon Senate (10th District), 1991-1997
  • Gene Derfler
    House of Representatives, 1988-1993
    State Senate, 1994-2001
    Senate Majority Leader, 1991-1999
    Senate President, 2001
  • Verne Duncan
    Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1975-1989
    Oregon State Senator (12th District), 1997-2003
  • Ted Hallock
    Oregon State Senator 1963-1983
  • Paul Hanneman
    Oregon State Representatives, 1965-1990
  • Lenn Hannon
    Oregon State Senator 1975-2003
  • Winston Hunt
    Oregon State Representative
    Chief Clerk of the House 1957-1982
  • Ken Jernstedt
    Fighter Pilot
    State Legislator
  • Denny Jones
    Oregon State Representative 1972-1999
  • Vera Katz
    House of Representatives, 1972-1990
    Speaker Pro Tempore, 1981-1983
    Speaker of the House, 1985-1990
  • Phil Lang
    Oregon House of Representatives
    Speaker of the House
  • Clay Meyers
    A conversation with Clay Meyers
  • Hardy Myers
    House of Representatives, 1975-1985
    Speaker of the House, 1979-1983
    Attorney General of Oregon, 1997-2009
  • Barbara Roberts
    Oregon Governor 1991-1995
  • Betty Roberts
    Oregon House of Representatives
    State Senate
    Oregon Supreme Court
  • Robert Packwood
    Oregon State Representative, 1963-1968
  • Henk Pander
    Governor’s Portrait Artist
  • John Sell
    Oregon State Representative 1949
  • Fred VanNatta
    VanNatta Public Relations 1969-2005
  • Tony Van Vliet
    Oregon House of Representatives 1975-1995
  • Gary Wilhelms
    Oregon House of Representatives (53rd District), 1973-1979
    Oregon House Minority Whip, 1977
    Oregon House Minority Leader, 1979
    Director, Government Relations, US West, 1980-1996
    Legislative Staff (Special Assistant, Chief of Staff), 1997-2012
  • Restoration of Barry Faulkner’s Historic Oregon Map
  • Senate Bill 100 Roundtable

Individuals with an interview included in an above video: L.L. “Stub” Stewart, Monroe Sweetland and Ken Hunt.