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What’s in your attic?

SALEM, Ore. 15 Sept. 2022 – Oregon State Capitol Foundation seeks help tracking down governors’ portraits.


Oregon State Capitol Foundation Civics Education Initiative Program: Now Accepting Applications

SALEM, Ore. 15 Aug. 2022 – The Capitol Foundation plans to award up to $50,000 in sponsorships.


Oregon State Capitol Foundation Launches New Civics Education Initiative

SALEM, Ore. 15 Feb. 2022 – The Capitol Foundation plans to award up to $50,000 in sponsorships.



Take a virtual tour and learn about Oregon’s history

SALEM, Ore. 23 April 2020 – Got cabin fever? Here’s an idea from the Oregon State Capitol Foundation.


Five ways for kids to learn about Oregon government

SALEM, Ore. 13 July 2020 – Summer’s a great time for kids to learn about Oregon’s history and how to get involved with our state’s government.


Five ways to take part in Oregon’s history and honor our great state

SALEM, Ore. 15 Oct. 2020 – The Capitol Foundation encourages Oregonians to rally around our state’s heritage during these historic times.


Oregon State Capitol Foundation participates in Oregon’s Kid Governor race

SALEM, Ore. 13 Dec. 2020 – Genoa Ingram, OSCF executive director, served on a panel of judges that narrowed down the pool of applicants for Oregon’s Kid Governor election.