• Chief Clerk of the Senate’s Staff, 1957-1958.
  • Legislative Staff, 1959-1961.
  • Secretary of the Senate’s Staff, 1961-1975.
  • Secretary of the Senate, 1976-1987.

About Maribel Cadmus

Maribel Cadmus moved from Colorado to Oregon as a child in 1937 for her father’s job. She attended Oregon State College (now Oregon State University), and met her husband there. They moved to Philomath to own and operate a feed store, and bought a farm near Turner to raise sheep and crops. When crop prices fell sharply in 1955, Cadmus took a job as legislative staff at the Capitol. 

Cadmus first worked in the Oregon legislature as secretary to the Chief Clerk of the Senate, Zylpha-Zell Burns. She credits Burns with teaching her the protocol of the Senate. From 1959-1961, she worked in the House as secretary to Representative Robert Elfstrom. She then worked as secretary to Chief Clerk Cecil L. Edwards, and during his tenure the title changed to Secretary of the Senate. When Edwards retired in 1976, he recommended Cadmus and the senators elected her to the position. 

In her interview, Cadmus notes the duties of the Secretary of the Senate. During the two-year term, she ensured the Senate rules are followed, compiled the Senate Journal, created the daily calendar and agenda, and circulated bills to the House and Senate. She also hired the pages and the floor staff, and worked closely with committee staff.

Cadmus also discusses the change in her job due to technology. She notes that they pioneered much of the computer technology that is now commonplace in the Capitol. 

After 34 years working in the Capitol, Cadmus retired in January 1989.

– Interview recorded June 7, 2008