• Columbia Empire Industries (AOI), 1947-1953.
  • Pacific Power & Light, 1953-1978.

About Jack Lansing

John Y. “Jack” Lansing was a decorated World War II veteran and a long-time civic and business leader. He was a squadron commander who flew customized B17 planes that were part of a top secret program developing what we know as Predator drones.

A third-generation Oregonian, Lansing earned a degree in journalism at the University of Oregon. He did graduate studies at Stanford University and Norfolk College in England.

After his time in England, he returned to Oregon and went to work as a lobbyist. He worked for Columbia Empire Industries, now known as Associated Oregon Industries. In doing so, he represented companies throughout Oregon and some in Washington. When he started, his manager sent him to tour Oregon for a month to meet their clients.

In 1953, Lansing went to work for Pacific Power & Light Company. He rose through the ranks to become the president of the company today known as PacfiCorp. He was president for seven years. 

During his oral history, Lansing discusses the ongoing debates over public versus private power during his years in the utility industry. While never wanting to an elected official, he enjoyed working with senators and representatives. He comments extensively on his views of Oregon’s citizen legislature of earlier eras and the more professional legislature today.

In addition to Jack Lansing’s professional work he was active in many civic and cultural organizations. He played a pivotal role in helping Harry Glickman bring the Portland Trailblazers to Oregon. 

– Interview recorded June 29, 2010