• Lobbyist, 1959-2014.

About Dave Barrows

After growing up in Wisconsin, California and Washington, DC, Dave Barrows made his way to Oregon to attend college at Willamette University. There, he received both his bachelor’s and law degrees. During his time at college, he worked as an athletic publicity director for Willamette and was a sportswriter for the Salem Statesman newspaper. Barrows also served two tours of duty with the US Army, one prior to law school and one soon after he passed the bar in 1961. 

Barrows’ first introduction to the Oregon State Legislature was in 1955. His advisor at Willamette, Sen. Mark Hatfield, got him a job as a page in the House of Representatives. His experience serving as a page sparked his interest in continuing to work with the legislative process. 

While in law school, Barrows also worked part time at Fairview Home, and began his lobbying career. He continued working at Fairview and handled all of their legislative interests, except their budget, during the 1959-1961 sessions. In 1963, he began lobbying as a career, and worked with Oregon Savings and Loan League for more than 20 years. He was in his 55th year of lobbying when he passed away. 

– Interview recorded October 8, 2008