Budget and Finance Committee Chair

Bruce first entered Oregon’s Capitol in the mid-1960s in conjunction with a college political science field trip. That introduction through the revolving doors began a long and rewarding career as a lawyer specializing in public policy advocacy.

He worked as a legislative staffer or lobbyist for more than 38 years. One of the high points of his career as a health care and business lobbyist was serving as president of the Capitol Club in 2006-07. Bruce retired in 2015 as senior counsel for the Northwest Permanente medical group and joined the OSCF Board the following year. Even before joining the board, he promoted Oregon Wonderland plates at the annual Concours d’Elegance in Forest Grove.

As a board member, Bruce focuses on OSCF finances, but he is also interested in strengthening programming about Oregon history and civics for future generations of Oregonians.