Students surround the Oregon State Seal in the rotunda during a tour of the Oregon State Capitol. 

Making an impact: Your sup

Dedicated to preserving our Capitol as a beautiful, vibrant place to engage with history and democracy

Together, we are looking after the past, present and future of all Oregonians.

More than 25 years have passed since the Foundation was just an idea. A small group of civic-minded individuals who shared a love for the push and pull of our democratic process and the people and work that takes place inside the Capitol began meeting. They enjoyed reminiscing about their own experiences in the building and wanted to preserve our Capitol, share its history and engage Oregonians in our democracy. They decided to formalize their group and formed the Oregon State Capitol Foundation.

The VFW #661 Traveling Uniform Museums displays uniforms of Jewish soldiers. The uniforms accompanied the Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education exhibit, "The Second World War — An Oregon Perspective," sponsored by the Foundation in 2019. Photo: Joel Zak.

New Oregon State Capitol Capitol History Gateway Exhibit Sponsorship Program, funded by the Foundation

Cultural and heritage museums and organizations encouraged to apply!

Displays at the Oregon State Capitol are part of the Capitol History Gateway program that the Oregon State Capitol Foundation helps fund. In the last five years, they have become more focused on telling stories specific to Oregon history. Many of the displays have ties interwoven with democracy or government.

This year, the Foundation will help support cultural and heritage museums in telling their stories with an exhibit at the Capitol. The Capitol’s Visitor Services Department produces the CHG program, including events and exhibits, and will be administrating this funding opportunity.

For this first sponsorship cycle, the Foundation will provide funding up to $5,000 per museum or organization, for up to five entities, for a maximum sponsorship of $25,000.

Find details about the funding opportunity and an application here. The deadline to apply for funding is 11:59 p.m., January 31, 2022.

For more information, call Stacy Nalley, Public Outreach Coordinator at the Oregon State Capitol Visitor Services Department, 503-986-1392.

Veterans, we salute you!

Read our latest newsletter featuring stories from several well-known former Oregon State Legislators who are veterans.

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Zooming Back to History: A Community History Speaker Series

OHS Zooming Back to History

The Oregon State Capitol Foundation is a proud sponsor of Zooming Back to History, a fundraiser for the Willamette Heritage Center. This virtual gathering seeks to share historical perspectives of topics related to the Mid-Willamette Valley and beyond. Registration required.

2021 Capitol Alumni Reunion postponed

OSCF Capitol Alumni Reunion

Until recently, we were happily planning the Capitol Alumni Reunion for this fall. With the recent surge in coronavirus cases, we decided to postpone this event for everyone’s health and safety. We are disappointed but promise to reschedule as soon as possible!

Visit the Oregon State Capitol events page to learn about upcoming Capitol History Gateway events your gifts to the Foundation help sponsor.

You make a difference!

Thomas Lauderdale and Hunter Noack perform a duet during a history-making concert in the Oregon State Senate chamber on Nov. 9, 2018.

Your support of our work preserves our Capitol, shares its history and engages Oregonians in our democracy by making programs, projects and events at your Capitol possible. Take a look at all we’re accomplishing together.


The Oregon State Capitol Foundation is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Tax ID 20-5164853.

Pacific Wonderland license plates turn your vehicle into a time machine

OSCF Board member and former Representative Bob Repine

Your purchase of new Pacific Wonderland license plates goes a long way toward preserving Oregon’s rich historical heritage. The Oregon State Capitol Foundation and the Oregon Historical Society split the proceeds from the sale of popular Pacific Wonderland license plates. Together, we’re preserving Oregon’s past in thoughtful, illuminating and provocative ways.

You’ll pay a one-time surcharge per set of plates when you first buy Oregon’s Pacific Wonderland license plates, in addition to the DMV’s standard plate fee and regular registration fee. These plates are unique because, unlike other special plates, you won’t be charged any additional plate fees when you renew your registration.

“I bought Pacific Wonderland license plates as soon as they were issued. When I was about eleven years old, we went to a museum in Chicago, and I saw a car with Pacific Wonderland license plates. Maybe that’s the reason I moved here!”

— John Schoon, former Oregon State Representative

We share your enthusiasm about Oregon’s history and shared heritage

Four Foundation Board Members

The Oregon State Capitol Foundation’s board of directors shares a deep love for the Capitol, the history it represents and the important work accomplished inside the people’s building. Our mission is to preserve our Capitol, share its history and engage Oregonians in our democracy.

We’re excited for you to meet our Board.

“Our Capitol is a symbol of democratic process and freedoms. It represents the aspirations of our citizens. Its stories are a mix of achievements and struggles. Our current circumstances underscore how critical it is to know our history and how important it is to redress grievances. As a board, we have a renewed commitment to telling those stories directly, truthfully and without bias.”

— Kim Duncan, 2020 Chair of the Oregon State Capitol Foundation

Monmouth Taiko performs on the Capitol steps during Cherry Blossom Day in 2019.

Rain or shine, you can’t beat a trip to your Capitol!

Some people visit our Capitol to experience the beauty of the building and hear its rich stories and those of the people who shaped our state. Some are interested in the artwork. Others climb the 121 steps up into the Capitol tower and out onto an observation deck to get a closer look at the Oregon pioneer and a spectacular view of Salem. Many more come to learn about or participate in the legislative process. During a legislative session, the Capitol is full of activity with legislators, staff, and citizens from throughout the state of Oregon.

Thank you for helping the Foundation sponsor award-winning, family-friendly and free Capitol History Gateway programs and events. Capitol Visitor Services staff executes these programs with help from numerous community partners. From tours and heritage celebrations to the OSCF speaker series, the activities and projects we fund encourage visitors to engage in civic life and create a feeling of shared Oregon pride. The Oregon State Capitol inspires!

Visit your Capitol 24/7 year round

Your gifts to the Foundation help fund the development of the virtual tour of the Oregon State Capitol in all its versions. The tour is now available in English, Spanish and Mandarin all day, every day. There is also a K-12 version of the tour and lesson plans with thematic elements appropriate for school-aged children.

Our board takes your investment in our work seriously. We appreciate you and the many ways you show your support. Thank you.

That was then. This is now.

OSCF's new logo

In June 2021, the Foundation began using a new, modern logo that helps distinguish our organization as a stand-alone nonprofit, not a government entity.

Our commitment to you remains the same. Your support of our work continues to preserve our Capitol, share its history and engage Oregonians in our democracy. Thank you!


The Oregon State Capitol Foundation is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Tax ID 20-5164853.