County Flagstones

Recognizing Three Historic Oregon Counties

On Monday, May 8, 2017, three new commemorative flagstones were unveiled in the Capitol Mall across from the Capitol. Oregon State Capitol Foundation, the presenting sponsor, worked collaboratively with Association of Oregon Counties and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department to complete this historically significant project.

If you’ve visited the Capitol Mall, you have probably noticed flagstones for each of the 36 counties. The new flagstones recognize three of the original counties that were incorporated into current counties including:

Champooick District

Champooick District, 1843-1849. Became Marion County.

Twality District

Twality District, 1843-1849. Became Washington County.

Umpqua County

Umpqua County, 1851-1852. Now part of Douglas County.


We hope you notice the new flagstones on your next stroll through your beautiful Capitol Mall.